Meet Niki Stanchev starring in the film “Surrender”


Actor, Niki Stanchev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria where he currently resides. Niki started in the entertainment business  answering casting calls, as well as accepting a few modeling  jobs. Over the last few  years Niki has drawn success with film, video and the runway.

Currently Niki is starring in the film “Surrender” (Dean Mason/Live Pixel Studios Production, and written by Dean Mason himself).  Niki’s character is Brian. A cool, antagonistic type of guy with a very twisted personality. Brian is an attractive man with a sexy physique, who wears the “bad boy” label well.  Brian is very intelligent with a well paid job.  He daunts manipulative behavior and a big sex addiction.  Brian never gives anyone credit for anything, including himself. He uses his manipulative ways to get what he wants. He really doesn’t care what others think about him. Underneath this tough exterior lies the hidden meaning of why Brian is the way he is. Niki is excited about playing this role. He says it’s a very controversial character and film. A drama that he’s sure will keep people on the edge of their seats.

Niki became interested in cinema when he was a young boy. He loved theater as well. Niki started shooting film before he even started acting.  In 2007 he was scooped up by Kalioan Nikolov, who  got him involved in his first short film. Kalioan was also one of Niki’s best friends, which made him love filming all the more. Niki had zero acting experience but a lot of heart. He took the challenge and made it a success. Niki was extremely excited to be on set watching all the magic unfold. After that, Niki decided there was no way acting would ever leave his life. He’s been acting successfully ever since.

Something Niki’s fans might not know about him is exactly how much he loves film. Niki has written down every single movie he has seen. He keeps a notebook with the name of the film, directors, writers, producers and the genre of every film. He’s been doing this since 1998. Last time Niki checked, he had written down 1,907 films! Now that is quite a hobby.

Niki is happy to be a part of the upcoming film Surrender. He’s excited to work with American writer/producer Dean Mason as well as the producers from Bulgaria. Look for more of Niki Stanchev to come. Niki hopes to act in the U.S in 2013. His personal philosophy that he’d like all his fans to know is, “If you catch a dream with both hands, it will give you freedom.” For more info on Actor Niki Stanchev check out his IMDB

Written by: Sue McGaughey Publicist & Chief Editor for ExPosJa Magazine and Entertainment Services


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